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Auto Advertising

This program will be under the name Rolling Ads, while serving the purpose of the tagline, where we will actively take part in advertising using the automobiles to reach a wide audience.

Benefits: The client will benefit by having their brand’s message being dispersed by the mobile advertising technique; therefore, giving a larger scope for grasping attention of a larger number of customers.

Print Media

In this service, we will explore the possibilities of advertising through wise utilization of print media, such as newspapers, pamphlets, and brochures.

Benefits: The client will benefit from having their brand’s exposure increase in noticeable magazines, newspapers, etc. therefore, grabbing the attention of clients that are frequent users of the different variety of print media.


This marketing technique provided by us will make use of the available banners to effectively reach the target audience. It will serve the purpose of reaching a large audience using a single banner.

Benefits: The clients will benefit by having their products/services advertised on huge stationary billboards in strategic chosen locations that will aim to work in attracting road-traveling individuals. These hoardings can be customized in any shape other than just the ordinary rectangular shape.

Electronic Media

This technique will make use of the modern technologies available at our disposal to advertise the products. We will effectively use e-mails, social networking sites and other infomercials to engage the audience.

Benefits: The clients will benefit from having their brands capability of being accessed via internet therefore, granting huge brand exposure. Moreover, the PRZ professional site can also be utilized to promote client brands.

Wall Paintings

Wall painting is seen as one of the cheapest, but effective way of advertising. Due to its low cost and omnipresence, it is an extremely effective way of advertising at minimal cost.

Benefits: This will benefit clients in reaching unsaturated markets, due to some semi-urban and rural areas that mainly are comfortable by the use of wall paintings. Therefore, clients’ brands will be gaining access in untapped markets and ultimately increasing brand exposure.

Event Management

The portion of Event Management consists of engaging in activities involving the participation of celebrity advertisement and various musical artists. As well it deals with production and stage management, wedding and corporate events.

Benefits: The benefits of using the Event Management service will allow the customers access to unlimited modes of publicity with high quality management in every aspect. PRZ with its highly competent workforce can manage to get the desired celebrity profile that clients may be inclined to get. Also, by collaborating with high quality sound and lighting system services, PRZ aims to impress clients with world stage events.

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