PRZ is an advertising company started by highly qualified and motivated individuals from one of the Premier Institute of India with the main focus of Advertising for Commercial and Social benefit.

We, at PRZ, have a great level of experience in the advertising industry. We have a diverse group of individuals working towards excellence and towards a common goal. We work for higher output in the customer satisfaction index.

Thenumbers of services we provide are the output of creative utilization of resources for better ad-appeal.

  • As we are beginning without Auto-advertising project, the Development Process for it includesthe Project Initiation stage where a practical advertisement and implementation plan is laid out. Here we understand the placement of the ads to be done on the auto-rickshaws and the dimensions of the ads in order to grasp attention of the target audience. Total installation cost would be paid in advance with the total monthly rental of the first month and then subsequent payment would be done.
  • Next is the Raw materials gathering stage, where we print out the ads on suitable tailor-made fabric for auto covers and transport them to different locations
  • Third is the Project Implementation stage, where the selection of autos is done depending on the availability of the base. The fabric covers are then supplied free of cost to the auto drivers in order for them to place those covers on their auto-rickshaws. The banners may be alreadystitched/nailed/glued to the autos’ sides, top and rear-end depending on your choice of ad exposure.
  • Fourth is the Verification and Monitoring stage where we verify that the banners are in good condition and are in circulation. We will be monitoring the situation with photographs in order to show the banners are actually in use.
  • Finally, the Maintenance stage, where inconsistencies and errors are dealt with, such as, a new banner cover is given to the auto-rickshaws.

We, at PRZ, believe in maintaining a good relationship and reaching customer expectations and also adding customer value to our services.

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